Blum Crypto: Another TapSwap Replica


There is another ongoing pandemic especially in Nigeria, which is the tapping pandemic. Their is an increase in the number of people (from young to old) tapping on their screen to earn a few dollars from Notcoin to TapSwap, Yescoin to Hamster, and now we have Blum.

The common factor with all these Web3 projects is that they are all hosted on the Telegram platform making it easy to access Nigerians who are interested in participating.

You may be wondering what is Blum?

What is Blum?

Blum is a Web3 project that aims to redefine the crypto trading experience with a unique approach of combining centralized exchange (CExs) and decentralized exchange (DExs) features on a single platform. The project, the founders claim, will solve issues common with CExs and DExs and allow users to purchase any coin from any network.

Blum supports futures trading and states that it does not hold funds of users but rather makes provisions for users to connect their wallets. 

Blum is currently organizing an airdrop campaign that allows participants to earn free Blum tokens by engaging the project on Telegram. 

As a strategy, Blum is integrating with Telegram, which boasts about 1 billion global users, as a mini-app. It is currently in its initial phase which involves allowing users to earn Points on the Telegram mini-app.

What users are currently farming on the telegram mini-app appears not to be the main token of the platform. The points are expected to be utilized when the crypto trading app launches fully.

Let’s take a look at the team behind the Blum Web3 project.

The Team Behind Blum Crypto

The team behind the Blum cyrpto project includes CEO Gleb Kostarev (Binance’s former VP), CMO Vladimir Smerkis (ex-director of Binance in CIS), and third co-founder and CTO, Vlad Maslyakov. The fourth co-founder and VP of Product Design, with the pseudonym @0xGenie, used to be a product design lead at TrustWallet and Binance.

How to mine Blum token on Telegram

The Blum crypto project has a mini app on Telegram which is powered by a Bot and serves as the first point of interaction for interested players. 

To mine Blum tokens on Telegram, you need to visit BlumCryptoBot and sign up for a Blum account. 

Then You can start accumulating points by clicking on the ‘farm’ button. Players are expected to check in every 8 hours to claim their points. 

To gain more points users are encouraged to invite their friends to the game through referral links. They are also expected to complete social or daily tasks to earn more points. 

Once a user has accumulated enough Blum points they can redeem them for Blum tokens and then withdraw them to their cryptocurrency wallet.

How to earn Blum points

To earn Blum points, follow this steps below:

  1. Join Blum on Telegram to begin your exciting journey. 
  2. Play the Blum game to accumulate Blum points. Once inside the app, you’ll be greeted with a simple yet addictive game.
  3. Complete social tasks. Boost your Blum Points by completing a variety of social tasks. These tasks are designed to be easy and engaging, ensuring you have a great time while increasing your Blum points. Share content, invite friends, and become an active member of the Blum community. 
  4. Click on the FARM Daily. Like Tapswap users are expected to click continuously on the FARM button. Make sure to click on the FARM button daily within the Telegram mini-app. Each click earns you more Blum points making this a simple and rewarding routine.
  5. Redeem your Blum points for coins. When you have accumulated enough Blum points redeem them on the mini app interface for Blum coins and withdraw to your wallet.

Additionally, users can earn more points by inviting referrals(10% from direct referrals + 2.5% from their referrals) and completing social or daily tasks.

When will Blum launch?

Blum hasn’t made any announcement regarding a launch date, the project will be judged by the worth of its airdropped tokens when it launches. But, there are several propitious markers for this coin. Chief among these is the founders’ experience and prominence in the global crypto space.

Also note that in March, Binance Labs announced Blum as one of the 13 early-stage projects. Blum was selected from over 700 applicants for season 7 of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program. While being part of the MVB Accelerator Program doesn’t guarantee investment in the projects, being included on such lists indicates that major players see potential in the project.

It is safe to conclude that Blum may be on course to develop into a comprehensive hybrid exchange. The creators of the Telegram mini-app game claim that they are committed to providing effortless access to a wide variety of coins and tokens and offering derivatives trading soon.

On the flip side, the project owners did not mention anywhere in their introductory blog post that the points would be converted to tokens. There is also no mention of the reward system for people who have mined the points currently.

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in giving it a trial. It only makes sense to keep an eye on Blum’s entry into the crypto trading space with its Telegram mini-app.

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